Danny Hodgson |  Partner, Omera Interim Management

Danny established and leads Omera Partners’ Interim Management practice, spearheading Omera Partners’ foray into one of the fastest growing areas of the Australian and regional executive economy. 

Danny’s specialisation is working with clients experiencing challenging circumstances needing a solution with a tight deadline and that require lateral thinking.  He couples this with a high quality network of C-suite executives who are able to move into an organisation on a short term basis.  Danny looks for more than just the technical skills required by the interim executive recognising that the situations they will be managing require humility, adaptability and the ability to make good judgments quickly.

Danny enjoys the fast pace of his practice and the opportunity it gives him to help interim executives develop their careers and helping them finding meaningful assignments as part of that journey.  Interim is a specialised niche within the search environment that has kept him engaged for over seventeen years. Initially in the UK, where he originates, and for the past seven years in Australia.

Danny attended the University of Leeds where he received an honours degree in History.

When not in the office, Danny is a sports lover, following cricket, rugby and football, and participating in ocean and harbour swimming. 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Interim Management
  • C-suite